Laverne Cox of OITNB Makes History!

Actress, activist and fly looking woman Laverne Cox has made history by becoming the first out transgender actress to receive an Emmy nomination.

Her crucial role as Sophia in the one of the country’s newest addictions and one of the year’s biggest hits, Netflix’s Orange is The New Black, has earned her the nod for Outstanding Guest Actress in a Comedy Series.

Below is a statement made earlier today by her to Huffington Post.

“Today is truly a dream come true for me. Working on such an incredible show with such

talented professionals has truly been the reward for me since we started shooting OITNB

two years ago. But this Emmy Nomination today is very welcomed and delicious icing on an already

sumptuous cake. Thanks to the cast and crew of Orange for all the love and support, for your professionalism.

Special shout out to Jodi Foster who directed the episode where we learned Sophia’s

back story and Sian Heder  who wrote it and to all our writers, especially to Jenji Kohan. This 

recognition of 12 #Emmynoms for your genius today is beyond well deserved. You are everything Jenji.

For my trans siblings, I love you so much. I share this nomination with you. May all of our stories

be told with the depth of humanity the brilliant writers, cast, crew and our creator, Jenji Kohan

have shown with the portrayal of Sophia Burset. As I celebrate this day I can’t help but remember it is still

a state of emergency for far too many trans people across the country right now.

We need love and support. We need public policy and our fellow citizens to value our lives

and our humanity. Most of all, we ourselves need to value our lives. The more I treat my life as if it has value,

the more the universe has been saying, “Yes Girl.”

Special thanks to my agent Paul Hilepo, my publicist Jami Kandel, my acting coach Brad Calceterra

and my acting mentor Susan Batson.”

Congratulations are most definitely in order!