Lebron James’ Sweet Apology of 800 Cupcakes

NBA superstar, Lebron James’ recent return to his hometown of Ohio after years away in Miami has caused a bit of…chaos. In an effort to make peace with the frenzied community members, this past Tuesday he sent out 800 cupcakes as an apology for the craziness spurred by his arrival.

The Bath Township Police Department received 60 of the delicious desserts with a note stating his apologies for the chaos and signed by him, his wife Savannah and their two boys.

Dozens of other cupcakes were delivered to 65 homes throughout the community with an accompanying letter that read:

“Dear friend,

We know things have been hectic in our neighborhood these past few weeks

and we are sorry for the chaos. We are so thankful to live in this wonderful community and

we are so blessed to have understanding neighbors like you.”

Police and residents of this suburb of Akron have been subject to the mass hysteria of media and fans alike gathering by the hoards to catch a glimpse of or word from one of the best athletes in the world.

Let’s hope this sudden rush of sugar calms everyone down and doesn’t create more spiked levels of crazy.