Lebron James to Produce Inspirational Disney TV Series

He’s already dominated his craft, becoming one of the top athletes to play in the top league in the world. So of course, Lebron James is now setting his sights on using his fame and influence to positively change the lives of those who are most impressionable, our youth.

LBJ recently announced that he and his partner, Maverick Carter are executive producing a new Disney XD series called Becoming that will showcase the inspiring stories of some of today’s most prominent athletes.

Episodes will be 30 minutes and of course, the premiere story will be of James’ journey from the small town of Akron, Ohio to the biggest stage for professional basketball in the world.

It would be great if this show could graduate off of Disney onto a show for a broader audience and include not just athletes, so we can teach our youth that they’re more than just how good they dribble a ball…but this is a great start and we’re proud of Lebron for working to help inspire the youth.