Love Conquers All! Man Turns Home into Museum of Love for His Late Wife of 60 Years

If you ever feel that love no longer exists in the pure and unconditional form that fairytales are made of, look no further than Charles “LaLa” Evans of Mississippi.

After his wife, Louise, passed just one month before the couple’s 60th anniversary back in 2011, Evans delivered on a promise they had made to each other years before. The pair had been planning for a long time to take the hundreds of pictures they amassed over the years and create a mini museum that documented their love over the decades.

Charles kept the promise and over 1,000 photos of them are now on display throughout the home, which he aptly renamed “LaLa and Louise Land”.

His project has become so popular in his hometown that rock band Mutemath decided to feature the house and a dancing Lala in the video of their latest single, Monument. 

Ready to have your heart strings tugged? Check out the video below and prepare to understand just what true love means.

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