Magic Johnson Donates $10 Million To Keep At Risk Youth In Chicago Safe

Legendary player and Hall of Famer, business mogul and benevolent philanthropist, Earvin “Magic” Johnson has pledged $10 million to support a Chicago-based program that offers summer employment opportunities to local at risk youth teens.

Johnson, along with his partners Mark and Kimbra Walter, are partners in Inner City Youth Empowerment, LLC. Together, they will donate $10 million (in addition to the city’s $6 million) over the next two years to “One Summer Chicago Plus”, thereby tripling the program’s resources and providing $5,000 summer jobs to those who may otherwise fall prey to violence.

The program specifically seeks out high schoolers in high crime neighborhoods that have missed six to eight weks of school or have been directly involved in the juvenile system. These teens will get much needed attention and guidance in the form of counseling a mentor and work on professional and social skills that will cost almost 3x more than the $1,000 it ordinarily costs to provide typical summer jobs.

Yet the success rates to the tune of students that complete the program having a 50% less chance of committing violent crimes, even years after their graduation from the program, make it all worth while.

Funding will go to paying the students’ wages, hiring and training mentors and staff and administrative fees.

It’s great to see these celebrities with all this cash actually put it to good use and help save our next generation.

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