Man Starts Social Media Crusade Against “Hot Car Deaths”

Terry Williams of Greensboro, NC is fed up. He is tired of hearing about the many children (and animals) who die after being left in a hot car, so he’s doing something to help spread awareness and stop these senseless and avoidable deaths.

Williams posted a video of himself inside a car in 86 degrees weather, chronicling the extreme temperature of the vehicle and his body’s reactions to it. A car can actually rise by 20 degrees in as little as 10 minutes when left in the hot sun and a child’s body temperature rises even faster than that, making the setting of a hot car that much more fatal.



In his video, Terry encourages others to do the same to experience what these children and animal go through and to spread the word of just how torturous this experience can be. Since the video was posted last month, it has received over 8,000 views and several viewers have taken to creating their own videos to help spread the word.

To learn more about this and to see some of the other videos, read more at USA Today.