Man Turns Waiting into Profit

Patience is no longer just a virtue; it’s now a means to a paycheck as well.

Robert Samuel of New York City started a company that does just that, waits in line for you. S.O.L.D. (Same Old Line Dudes) charges $25 for the first hour and $10 for each additional half hour, allowing clients from busy business executives to men with two girlfriends (yes, that was an ACTUAL client) to be one of the first to get coveted concert tickets or make sure that both girlfriends are happily surprised at work with cronuts.

The idea first came to Samuel back when he was unemployed. Strapped for cash, he posted an ad on Craigslist offering to wait on line for anyone for the new iPhone coming out the next day. 19 hours later, he had made $325 and knew he was onto something big.

The 38 year old who also works part-time as a security officer, now has about 12 employees who collectively “wait” for about 10 clients per week. ┬áTo drum up clients, Samuel uses social media and of course, Craigslist ads. Competition mostly comes from services such as TaskRabbit , a site for sourcing odd jobs, yet there is no direct competitor in the NYC market.

Samuel plans to perfect his business model in New York before branching out to other markets with his viable business. This goes to show there is opportunity in even the most impatient and overlooked of places.