Manservant Service Is Seriously A Thing

Male strippers not doing it for you? Does the thought of them shaking their crotch in your face make you more fearful of pink eye than a good time?

Have no fear…manservants are here. For the same price of a stripper ($80/hr to $350/day)…yes these are very well paid servants, you can have a beautiful man dressed in a tux (or not) come to your house and be at your beck and call for you to boss him around. Let’s not lie and say we’ve never dreamed of having a shirtless man feed us grapes, follow us around just hurling compliments at us all day or draw us a bath and serenade us while we soak – well now that dream is a reality.

Oh and these manservants aren’t just for the ladies. Many gay men and couples have requested them as well. Finally, the objectification of men in a way that almost can allow them to get what women go through on a daily basis…except they volunteer to do it and get paid for it. Somehow, they win again.

If you’d like to Rent-A-Boo for a day, watch the video below and try to be patient until the service actually launches this fall.