Marvel Bring Ava DuVernay On Board To Directing Upcoming “Black Panther” Film

It took them a while to get it together, but Marvel finally got it right by hiring Ava DuVernay to direct their upcoming Black Panther film (not about the activists…which I can admit was my first thought…it’s an actual superhero…which brings me to my question of why we have to be an animal and expressedly BLACK to be a superhero…why we can’t just be a panther or just fly or have xray vision? I don’t hear about white Thor or green Hulk or biracial Wolverine…they had to find an African Zulu warrior from the fictitious land of WAKANDA, which sounds like the name of a ratchet girl I know…but I digress…)

Anyway, this is Marvel’s fist feature film that centers on a black superhero, so it was only right they stick with the black theme and bring on Ava. Don’t get it wrong, she is more than qualified for the job, having served us political realness with Selma, winning Academy Awards and dominating the small/independent film circuits, but she will now show us exactly how talented she is with this movie, which is her first big budget project ($80 million).

The movie will hit theatres in 2018 and will star Chadwick Boseman, who is quickly becoming the new Derek Luke/young Denzel.

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