Mattel’s New Ava Duvernay Doll Sells Out in JUST 15 MINUTES

Talented director, social activist and uplifter of the underrepresented across the world, Ava Duvernay has not only made a name for herself through her strong body of work, but is now helping pave the way for other women and individuals of color in the film industry, providing them with a platform to be seen.

With her stock on the rise and demand for her talents at an all-time high, it was only befitting that Mattel immortalize this amazing woman in the form of her own Barbie. This past April, Duvernay, along with 5 other deserving one, were announced as Mattel’s “Sheroes”, to be featured in a Limited Edition line of dolls in their likeness.

None of the dolls were set to be released just yet, but the Duvernay fans petitioned to have a set amount released earlier this week for sale as they just couldn’t wait any longer.

It sold out in minutes and I have a feeling there will be some very happy little girls (or their mothers who keep the dolls instead of giving them to their daughters) this Christmas.

This type of response is only indicative to the public’s readiness and appetite for some talented and diverse individuals in Hollywood. Now let’s get some Shonda Rhimes, Oprah and Lupita dolls on deck and see what happens…


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