Maya Angelou’s Work To Be Made Into New Hip Hop Album

Before you get nervous that Soulja Boy and Bobby Schmurda are about to bring nothing but shame and ratchetness to the beautiful works of the late Maya Angelou, let me explain.

Shawn Rivera, lead singer of the 90’s R&B group, Az Yet and Roccstar, writer of top songs such as Chris Brown’s Fine China, are taking the poignant words of Angelou’s I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings and are giving it a hip hop twist by turning them into a new album, aptly titled, Caged Bird Songs.

The new album, set to be released November 4, will feature 13 songs and is fully backed by Angelou, who agreed with Rivera and Roccstar, that by putting her words behind urban beats, they will be able to reach a broader audience through a medium they may enjoy and understand better.

If done properly, this can be a really amazing piece of work, helping this literary legend’s words live on for generations to come, who may not be the biggest readers but are all fervent listeners of music.

Let’s just hope we don’t see a video of the ratchets twerking to phenomenal women.