McDonald’s Genius New Takeout Bag Is Bad News for All Fry Thieves

If you’re anything like me, you are THAT friend that offers to hold the bag with everyone’s McDonald’s orders, eats a little of everyone’s fries AND the fries at the bottom of the bag, then still takes whichever fry container has the most left when we finally get home and hand out orders.

Well my fellow fry bandits, McDonald’s has officially ruined our lives with their new takeout bag. This bag, invented in McDonald’s Hungary and promoted by their ad agency, DDB, has a structured tray on the bottom of the bag, removing the best part of all, the fry spill to the bottom. Now there is a place for everything and the top of the bag tears off, revealing a serving tray, which means people can star eating in the car, which was wear all the fry stealing even occurred.

Check out the video below and hope that this bag doesn’t make it to American McDonald’s anytime soon or we’ll actually have to only eat our own food…which is just unacceptable.

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