McDonald’s Honors Amazing Teen Entrepreneur

Nothing like a 14 year old CEO being recognized by a multi-national billion dollar company to remind us all to get it together.

This past weekend in New Orleans at the Essence Festival, Aaron Johnson received the Community Choice Youth Award presented by McDonald’s.

The Miami teen started on his road to entrepreneurial excellence five years ago at the tender age of nine, when he came across Windows Movie Maker on his family’s laptop. After teaching it to himself, he created a commercial for his church and three years later, launched HIS OWN production company (yep…he was TWELVE), Aaron Johnson Productions. His firm specializes in graphic and web design and promotional work for churches and businesses.

Aaron earned awards and film festivals for his short films and was even honored by the mayor for his service to the community and work with the youth.

While he admits to getting discouraged at times, like when he went a whole year without any clients, he credits his parents’ encouragement and his dogged determination as what got him through. He is currently enrolled in a virtual school program and working on a few films of his own.

What was that excuse that you had about being too young or whatever to follow your dreams?

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