MCM: Kehinde Wiley’s Brooklyn Museum Exhibit Is Beyond One of A Kind

For all my fellow New Yorkers, there is a new and MUST SEE exhibit that just opened up at the Brooklyn Museum

This past Friday, Kehinde Wiley’s A New Republic opened up for viewing and has been met with nothing but rave reviews from critics and simple spectators alike. The pieces are meant to raise questions on race, gender and start discussions by juxtaposing modern African American men and women in traditional European art backgrounds.

The exhibit quickly catches your eye from just the apparent contradictions, but makes you want to stand even longer and fully take it all in and ask yourself just exactly why this individual seems so out of place as opposed to maybe a white counterpart from another era in time.

There are sixty paintings and sculptures in total and if nothing else, is provocative.

Here are a few pieces below. What are your thoughts?

kehinde wiley 1

kehinde wiley 2

kehinde wiley 3

kehinde wiley 4


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