Miami Prison Hosts Daddy Daughter Dance for Soon To Be Released Inmates

In what has to be one of the sweetest acts I have ever heard of coming from a prison, last week a Miami detention center hosted it’s first daddy daughter dance for inmates that are set to be released soon. This was in an effort to begin the process of reconnecting these men with their families, which they obviously have had little to no contact with during their sentence.

The Miami Herald reports that on November 4, thirteen of the inmates got decked out in suits and ties and were met by their daughters and nieces and spent the next two hours talking, laughing, wiping tears (of the girls and their own) and of course, dancing to Luther Vandross’ Dance with My Father (seriously…I hope there’s a video for this).

One inmate, when asked what this meant to him, stated that he had missed so many of his daughter’s major milestones, that this was an amazing way for him to finally start to feel like a part of her life again.

The warden commented that the event was intended to provide inmates with a glimpse into the joy and beauty their future can hold and to help keep them on the right path.

We think this is a GREAT idea and show of human compassion. Hopefully this is incentive for the inmates to never return.