Michael Jordan Just Became The World’s Most Popular Billionaire – Check Out How He Spends His Money

This year,¬†Forbes¬†reported 290 new entrants into their elite class of billionaires. Recent reports are now stating that none other than Michael Jordan himself is the most famous of them all (that’s beating out Bill Gates, Oprah AND Warren Buffet).

One of THE BEST players in NBA history, ironically enough, his paycheck went up DRASTICALLY after he retired from the league. Not only that, but he STILL makes more money than top guys currently playing, including Lebron, Kobe and Durant.

Jordan is the epitome of hard work, being prepared, learning the business you are in to be able to dominate it, turning your talent into dollars and not letting yourself be defined by just one thing, like playing a sport.

Just how much money is he making and what does he do with it all? Check it out below.

MJ makes $100 million from just Nike royalties alone. Yes, that’s the dollars you gave to Footlocker after waiting online overnight in the cold with a beach chair you borrowed from your mom and a Snuggie.

jordan nike

He made a TOTAL of $90 million in NBA salary. In one year now he makes more than he did in 14 years in the NBA. Goes to show you the value of business smarts VS just a talent. (Keep in mind, how much the NBA made off of him as an athlete VS how much he makes off of it now as a business man)

jordan nba

He bought the Charlotte Hornets back in 2010 for $250 million. They’re are now worth $750 million, officially adding enough to his net worth to make him a BILLIONAIRE.

jordan hornets

That Hornets money, coupled with Nike and endorsement deals from Hanes, 2K Sports and more, allows him to live a life we all dream about…

A private Jumpman jet with his initials, jersey number and number of ring titles.

jordan jet

He built a $13 million mansion in Florida and is building his own golf course because waiting to play behind simple millionaires is just too much to handle.

jordan mansion 1

He owns another $3 million mansion in Charlotte, complete with it’s own basketball court and pool and another $30 million property in Chicago.

jordan mansion 2

jordan mansion 3

He rents out one of the world’s most lavish yacht, “Mr. Terrible”.

jordan yacht

Best of all, he’s inspiring the next generation of athletes turned business moguls; Kevin Garnett recently spoke on how he’s inspired by MJ and is now in the process of buying the Timberwolves.

jordan garnett

This is the same guy that was didn’t make his high school basketball team. Instead of giving up, he worked hard and by his senior year, was a McDonald’s All-American and top college recruit.

jordan kid


AND he gets Jordans in advance…and for free, while ya’ll sit there like…

jordans line wait



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