Millionaire Teenage Tech Phenom, Jaylen Bledsoe, to Launch Young Entrepreneurs University

We first heard of 17 year old tech prodigy Jaylen Bledsoe back in 2011 when his website design company was valued at over $3.5 million….at the time…he was 13 years old.

And now, four years later, Bledsoe is at it again with his newest endeavor, Young Entrepreneur Academy. Through this program, Bledsoe would teach budding teen entrepreneurs the basics of creating and running their own business, based on the idea of finding an unmet need within a large enough population and coming up with a solution for it.

Bledsoe himself will be enrolling at the prestigious Stanford University this fall to study international business and psychology, with dreams of becoming the “go to” guy for digital strategy and business development among celebrities and Fortune 500 companies.

With partnerships with K-Swiss and AT&T, we’d say he’s already heading in the right direction.

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