Milwaukee Buck’s Larry Sanders Walks Away From $30 million At Age 26

26 year old Milwaukee Bucks forward, Larry Sanders recently made headlines after he paid off the $21 million remaining on his $44 million contract after spending just five years in the NBA.

Since signing that contract back in 2013, he has endured a variety of ailments including depression, anxiety and mood disorders.

When interviewed, Sanders stated that despite the large amount of money and fame that comes with it, he was still unhappy as he places the most worth on the relationships he has with his loved ones. He went on to say that he didn’t start playing basketball until he was 15 and although he was grateful to have the opportunity to attend college for free on an athletic scholarship, he regrets not being able to study one of his deepest passions, art.

He also touched on the problems that coming into money and fame bring, such as people using you for money, you being under constant scrutiny and losing a sense of his identity.

Including the buyout, Sanders still made around $31 million during his time in the NBA. If he is as smart with his money as he was with his happiness, we see great things in store for this young man who has the potential of creating a great career for himself.

Check out his video below where he explains all his reasoning.

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