Misty Copeland Makes History AGAIN in DC

Misty Copeland is already a pioneer in the field of ballet. She holds the position of just the third black soloist in American Ballet Theatre’s almost 80 years of existence, is a prodigy that began formally training in ballet at 13 years of age and is a beautifully diverse spokespersonĀ for Under Armour, where her story of rejection and being told she wasn’t good enough due to her physique and late start at training ultimately resulted in her becoming one of the best and most sought out in her field.

Now, Copeland is making history again, this Thursday, April 9 at Kennedy Center in Washington DC, when she will join Brooklyn Mack of the Washington Ballet (another rare black soloist at a top ballet company) as they serve as the leads inĀ Swan Lake. This serves as the first time that this play has been performed with both lead roles being filled by black dancers.

Creating history, especially in our nation’s capital, is something in which you should definitely take pride. At just 32 years of age, we are sure there is much more greatness in store for Misty, both on and off the stage.

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