Mobile App That Increases Diversity in Tech Wins $10,000 Prize

This past week, Stephanie Lampkin not only won $10,000 and the grand prize at the National Black MBA Whiteboard Innovation Challenge, but she also debuted her new mobile app, Blendoor, which is set to bring a great deal more diversity to the often uniform looking tech industry.

Blendoor is a mobile job matching application, similar to Tinder, but for candidates looking for positions within the tech and software industries. What sets it apart from other job matching apps on the market is that Blendoor not only caters to tech companies such as Google, Twitter and Facebook, but is specifically intended to help match underrepresented job hunters, such as women, veterans and minorities with both technical and non-technical roles within these organizations.

Lampkin’s inspiration for the app came from her own frustrations with the high barriers to entry for non-male and non-white individuals attempting to get into the action in Silicon Valley. Armed with a Bachelor’s in engineering from Stanford University and a Master’s in Business Administration from MIT, she was rejected for not being “technical enough” for a position at a leading technology company (I genuinely don’t know how much more technical this woman can possibly be). Lampkin’s app aims to address the preconceived biases hiring managers may possess by matching employers and candidates solely on qualifications and needs, sending notifications to both when there is a dual fit.

Look for Blendoor coming to Google Play and Apple’s App Store soon.

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