Monday Motivation: From Playing at the YMCA to Dominating in the NBA in Just TWO MONTHS

The Miami Heat has gotten an unexpected yet always needed surge in play from a new player that they brought up from the D-League in November.

25 year old center Hassan Whiteside had been waived by the Memphis Grizzlies and spent the majority of his career playing overseas in China and Lebanon as well as a stint in the D-League. After being cut from the Grizzlies and finding it nearly impossible to even get another team to answer his calls, he began spending his time at a local YMCA, honing his game while waiting for a second chance.

Since officially joining the Heat roster in mid-December, Whiteside has been one of their most dominant players, even going so far as to record the quickest triple-double with blocks in NBA History this past Sunday (25 minutes – 14 points, 13 rebounds, 12 blocks).

Whiteside admits to turning down more lucrative contracts overseas (NBA Rookies/people who played in the D-League or even just played in the NBA for 2 weeks before getting cut can make upwards of $1-$2 million for an 8-month season) for a chance to live out his childhood dream and play for the best league in the world.

In his past nine games this month, he is now averaging 12 points, 9 rebounds and 4 blocks in 21 minutes of action per game. Yet as of now, he may still be best known for his quote from his post-game interview after his big game on Sunday “I’m just trying to really get my NBA2K rating up”.

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