#MondayMadness: How to Stay Positive Despite the Monday Blues

If you’re normal, you break into a cold sweat like everyone else every Sunday night right around 8pm, when you start to realize that tomorrow is Monday and the start of a full 5 days of paid slavery (if not, count yourself extremely blessed). Need some help holding back the tears this morning on your way to work as you realize the next 8-10 hours of your day have been ruined before they’ve even begun?

Rest assure knowing your day isn’t HALF as bad as these people below, who are most likely on their way to jobs way worse than yours and they still probably complain less than you.

Check out photos of some of THE worst morning commutes around the world.

Be happy you don’t have to take a boat (ferries don’t count) to work like these people in Bangladesh and run the chance of it tipping over and you spending the day soaking wet.

bangladesh boat commute

Imagine having to stand on security lines like these in Beijing, just to get home, after already a long bus/train commute.

beijing commute

Here’s the train those people on line just came off of/got on to. The look on dude on the left sums it all up.

beijing train commute

You think your train/bus is crowded, be happy you’re IN it and not ON it like these people from Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Pakistan and South Africa.

jakarta commute

indonesia commute

sri lanka commute

South Africa commute

This subway station in Brazil makes Grand Central Station in NYC seem like a walk in the park.

sao paulo commute

Chicago’s cold weather constantly disrespects the winter attire of many commuters.

chicago commute

Biking to work? Can you imagine if your bike was the one at the bottom of this?

netherlands commute

While this may not make your job itself any less soul killing, we hope this at least helps remind you to be grateful that you need not be an Olympic gymnast, swimmer or have the strength of Thor or the ability to hold your breath for hours to get to work.

Happy Monday!

*This article originally appeared in Business Insider.