#MondayMovement: John Legend and Wife Support Protesters In a Big Way

As many powerful celebrities of color remain disturbingly silent about the recent unrest both in Ferguson, Missouri and New York City, two have not only taken matters into their own hands but have generously helped to support the cause.

Soulful singer John Legend and supermodel/food blogger wife Chrissy Tiegen, together have financed a gang of foodtrucks to help feed the protesters in both cities. While local authorities predicted the protests to fade out by now, many of these everyday activists are still going strong and will now have some well-needed nourishment during these freezing days (as well as support from these big names) to keep going.

While the generous couple has not outright laid claim to their deed, sources have verified that these trucks were in deed paid for by them. It’s great to see celebrities not just attempt to drop songs and make profit off of these types of things, but to actual donate their time, money and efforts to help the cause.

Keep an eye out for Legend’s unmistakable and always amazing vocals in the upcoming (perfect timing) Selma¬†flick, entitled Glory.

Listen to it here.