More Details Announced for Wednesday’s Parade in Chicago

While the Chicago Little League team, Jackie Robinson West, played an impressive season, they sadly fell short last night in the game for the international title, losing to South Korea by a score of 8-4.

Yet there is still much praise to be given as this team was able to secure their spot as national champions this past Saturday after beating out one of the top teams in the nation, known for their ability to knock the ball out of the park, Las Vegas’ Mountain Range.

The Chicago Tribune reports that there will be a celebratory parade honoring these young boys this upcoming Wednesday. The parade will begin on the South Side and end at Millenial Park. The regular fireworks at Navy Pier will also be in dedication to them.

These young men fought through a hard season to beat out talented foes and serve as a beacon if inspiration to other young boys of color looking to excel. It’s worth noting that they are mostly 11 and 12 year olds from South and Southwest side Chicago neighborhoods.

Congratulations to JRW and we hope they enjoy their well deserved celebratory parade!