#MotivationalMondays: Tyler Perry’s Advice on Turning Failure Into Millions

The world of entrepreneurship is tough, trying and wayyyyy less glamorous then we are led to believe. While we hear about the seemingly overnight success stories of tech giants like Facebook and Twitter and the mega million and billionaires, we are often not told about the countless hours, sleepless nights and many rejection letters these same individuals faced until they “got it right.”

While starting a business is tough enough, staying in  business is even harder. 33% of small businesses close within two years, and 50% shut down within five years.

So how can you ensure that you’re business doesn’t fall prey to the statistics and can live to see it’s tenth birthday?

In a recent letter to his fans, Tyler Perry, the super successful actor, writer, director and producer shares how he was able to survive SIX YEARS of rejection, before finally finding the right way to revamp his original staged play, “I Know I’ve Been Changed”, which after consistently flopping, went on to sell out across the country over the next two years and help him build the confidence and chops to produce numerous other plays, movies and TV shows, garnering him over $845 million.

“You have to understand that what you may perceive to be a failure may very well be an opportunity to learn, grow, get better and prepare for the next level. If you find the lessons in what you perceive to be failures, then you won’t ever fail at anything.”

Perry was even homeless for a while, living in his car while trying to make it with his plays. If he was able to pick himself up everyday and continue with his dream, then so can you.