Muslim Man Becomes Hero For Saving Lives During Charlie Hebdo Attack

When one of the gunman associated with the tragic attacks in Paris last week threatened to start shooting hostages in a nearby supermarket, 24 year old Lassana Bathily, an employee a the store, took action, leading around 15 individuals to safety in the store’s basement walk-in freezer.

Bathily is now being praised for his heroic actions that day. While many may have frozen in the face of fear, he managed to think on his feet, guide them down to the freezer, turn it off and shut the lights so as to not raise suspicion among the shooters.

When the gunman demanded for everyone to come upstairs or else he would begin killing people, Bathily bravely volunteered to go. He took an elevator back upstairs, where he was able to then take a freight elevator outside, where sadly, racist authorities handcuffed and detained him, believing him to be one of the terrorists.

After an hour, he was finally able to convince officers he was not associated with the gunmen and show them where the hostages were safely hiding.

It’s everyday heroes like Lassana that restore our faith in humanity.

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