Natalie Nakase On Her Way To Making NBA History

34 year old UCLA basketball standout and graduate Natalie Nakase dreams of one day becoming a head coach of an NBA team. This past week, she became one huge step closer to turning those dreams into a reality.

This past week, Doc Rivers notified her that she will be an assistant coach at Summer League for the Los Angeles Clippers. After spending the past two years  not only rebounding and passing everyday for players, but officially working as their assistant video coordinator, vehemently spending countless hours sorting through, clipping and breaking down practice and game footage for the players and coaches to watch.

While this position may not be for the regular season, it is definitely still a huge opportunity and one that Nakase is not taking lightly at all. She may not have any coaching experience in the states just yet, but she does hold the title of the first-ever female head coach in her home country, Japan’s men professional league, a feat she pulled off back in 2012.

Keep an eye out for Nakase, coming to an NBA regular season near you!