NBC Working on Live Version of “The Wiz”

Yesterday NBC gained a fan in black people everywhere when they formally announced that they are in works to televise a live performance of The Wiz. Set to debut in December, this can either be an epic win or a massive failure and either way I know I will be entertained.

Two of the biggest components that will decide the fate of this project are how accurate it is to the original and more importantly, who they cast. The right actors and actresses, that can actually sing (or get good voice overs) and that are actually black (because no one wants to hear or see Taylor Swift ease on down ANY roads) will ultimately help make this a hit.

Cast suggestions? As much as I want to see Rihanna any and everywhere, I would have to give the role of Dorothy to someone like Zendaya Coleman, Keke Palmer or even Gugu. Glinda the Good Witch? Phylicia Rashad or Patti Labelle. The Wicked Witch? The queen of Twitter shade, none other than Erykah Badu. Who else could replace the late and great MJ as The Scarecrow then Usher, or Chris Brown if he’s not busy being a new daddy. For some reason I want to to see Terry Crews or Chris Tucker as the Cowardly Lion,  Donald Glover (Childish Gambino) as Tin Man and The Wiz himself MUST be either Joe Morton (Olivia Pope’s dad) or Dennis Haysbert (Quincy’s dad in Love & Basketball…and every other black father on TV).

If we could also just fit Idris Elba and Tank in there that would be great.

Have any cast suggestions? Will you be watching? Share your comments below.

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