New App Increases Your Chances of Landing Your Next Big Interview

Microsoft Word is great for checking over your writing for spelling and grammatical errors, but falls short when you need to know how other people think something like your cover letterĀ sounds. Sure, you can send it to friends and colleagues to give it a once over, but how great of writers are they? Are they actually going to read it or just glance over it? Will it take them 2 weeks to actually get to looking at it?

A new app called Hemingway is helping with all that now. Simply copy and paste your text onto the page and the color-coded app will review it for you. It will then provide you with valuable insights and show you room for improvement such as:

  1. Too short/long sentences
  2. Need for more advanced/simpler words
  3. Too many/few adjectives/adverbs/verbs
  4. Need for more/less action/passive verbs
  5. Ease/difficulty of reading particular sentences

Best of all, the app even provides you with a “readability” grade which tells you the lowest level of education your reader would need to have to fully understand your document. Less than 10th grade seems to be the recommendation for this app as it will provide the best clear and concise message to your reader.

This app is the closest (and most time efficient) alternative to literally sitting next to the company’s HR manager and asking them about your application package. Let me know if it helps you score your next big interview.