New App Will Help Stop You From Embarrassing Yourself At Parties AND Getting DUIs

As the holidays approach, one consistent thought comes to mind, there will be one pound of alcohol consumer for every ounce of food (or am I just an alcoholic?)

Either way, company holiday parties and holiday festivities are among us which means free food, free liquor and multiple opportunities to embarrass ourselves in front of friends, families, our coworkers and more.

The BACtrack Vio is a cool smartphone attachment that goes along with a downloadable app. You simply breathe into the mouthpiece and the app will calculate and display your current BAC (blood-alcohol content). There is a chart that shows you just how drunk you are (in case you’re too drunk to know you’re drunk), helping to let you know when it’s really time to save face and head home.

Speaking of heading home, on a more serious note, we all have had or know someone who has had one too many drinks and still drove ┬áhome because they “felt fine.” This app is a great way to know for sure if you are ok to drive and can potentially save a life or two from senseless drunken driving accidents (or at least a few hundred dollars and license suspension).

Here’s to happy (and responsible) season drinking!