New Apple Wearable Device Could Be Called iTime

Earlier this week, Apple leaked the tentative name for their newest device – a wearable technology aptly named iTime.

A recent¬†USA Today article stated that the company received 40 patent approvals on Tuesday, including one with designs of a “mobile electronic device” that was very similar in appearance to a smartwatch.

Included in the diagram for the patent, which was filed in 2011, is a picture of the watch with the word “iTime” on the face. This doesn’t guarantee the name, but is a pretty strong hint as to what it will be.

Sketch from the approved patent for Apple smartwatch

Sketch from the approved patent for Apple smartwatch

This isn’t very shocking news as competitor Google has already released similar products onto the market and has partnered with companies including Samsung, LG and Motorola ¬†for their latest smartwatches.

Motorola’s M60 watch is highly anticipated as it will be one of the first to moreso favor a fashionable accessory than a high-tech gadget. Apple is known for their excellence in design and all things aesthetic, so we can’t wait to see what they have in store.