New Documentary Series Show What “Pretty” Means to Black Girls Around the World

Just in time for Black “Future” Month (cus it’s about time we not only dwell on the accomplishments of our ancestors, but also look to see how we can keep the ball rolling), un-ruly, a digital beauty platform that caters to black haircare, will debut its new documentary series titledĀ Pretty.

The episodes will focus on black women around the world and their unique stories of “living while black”, highlighting how their life experiences have shaped their definition of beauty. Every month will take viewers to a new part of the world where they will meet three to four new women.

This is a beautiful chance for black women as a whole to stop bashing each other (seriously, we are our own worst enemy) and learn we are very much the same and can all be beautiful in our own way – dulling another woman’s shine does not brighten your own.

Click here to see the first episode and let us know what you think!

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