New Moses Movie’s Casting Shows Blatant Racism In Hollywood Still Alive

Throughout the years, Hollywood has faced serious criticism for their lack of diversity on (and off) the screen. With its long line of controversial casting choices, where white actors are used for roles that call for “ethnic” faces, Hollywood has blatantly shown it’s preference for casting the fairer complected out of a group of equally capable performers.

Their track record has held steady once again as the internet has sounded off in protest of the actors chosen to portray the characters in Exodus: Gods and Kings”.  The movie, set in biblical times, tells the story of Moses. Going off of descriptions from the Bible, the characters would more closely resemble darker skinned Middle Easterners. Yet all the main characters are white actors, while the supporting roles of slaves and other lowly positions is stock full of black actors and actresses; a blatant devaluing of the ability of darker skinned actors to that of stereotypical slaves.

moses movie racist

Let’s not just be Twitter thugs and Internet warriors and let’s actually put our discontent into action. The only way to actually get them to listen and change their ways is to boycott movies such as this one, where the casting is completely unacceptable.