New Native American Rapper Aims to Leave His Mark On Hip Hop

Chris Parrish, AKA Supaman, is a member of the Crow Nation (also called the Apsaalooke) of southeast Montana. A spirited and motivational rapper, he is working to leave his mark in the music industry and the lives of all his fans.

This past March, he was named Artist of the Week by MTV’s “Iggy” Blog, a site that showcases the best up and coming musicians. Yet Parrish’s love for rap music goes back way farther than that. In 2011 interview with NPR, he stated that the musical genre resonates with many of the youth in the Native American population as much of what is rapped about – poverty, violence,drugs and teen pregnancy – are all facets of their reality living on reservations. Parrish himself was sent to live in foster homes after his alcoholic parents were deemed unfit.

Supaman was lucky enough to never be caught breaking any laws and got his  big break when a Seattle-based record label took an interest in his career and helped him start touring. During his travels, he felt himself growing apart from his wife and child back home and took up spiritual guidance and the Bible to re-establish himself on the right track. He now uses this for inspirational rap lyrics, which have now become his trademark.

Check out this video below of one of his “Prayer Loop Song” and let us know what you think.