New Startup Solves Worst Part of Driving in NYC

If you’ve ever made the brave and dumb decision to drive into the city like me, you are aware that unless it’s 10pm to 6am, you’re about to face mind numbing traffic, battle to death that is similar to the Hunger Games vs yellow cabs to just switch or merge lanes and either spending your life savings or selling your soul to the devil for somewhat decent parking.

San Francisco based start up, Luxe is looking to become all city drivers modern day savior with their new app that just launched in NYC yesterday.


As you’re leaving your house, you simply enter the address of your destination into the app, which begins tracking your trip’s progress. Around 10 minutes before you arrive, it will match you with a Luxe valet attendant and show you a picture of him/her to ensure you don’t get scammed and give up your car to a well dressed swindler/crackhead, etc.

Your attendant meets you at your destination and even offers to take your car to get cleaned or get the gas tank filled. They will then take your car to one of the many lots in the city with which they have partnered.

Available only in select locations in New York, such as Williamsburg, Brooklyn, midtown and the Upper East and West Side, Luxe plans on expanding throughout the city pretty soon.

About ten minutes before you’re ready to leave, you use the app to let your valet know, and your car wilbe waiting for you when you step outside.

The best part? The price! Will we know city parking can run you about $40-$100 for a night on the town, this God sent app only charges about $5-$7 per hour with a cap at $30 for the day in Manhattan and just $15 in Brooklyn. I won’t even bother to ask or find out why because some good things should just not be questioned…that is how you end up single and broke.

Interested in giving Luxe a try? Click here to find out more and let us know what you think!

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