NFL Star Pays Homage To Late Mother By Paying For 53 Mammograms for Women

If you see number 34 for the Pittsburgh Steelers running down the field with the tips of his dreads colored pink, don’t think that he’s some new age punk rocker trying to make a fashion statement…because he’s not.

He’s DeAngelo Williams, their 32 year old running back, who dons the pink hairdo as a silent remembrance to his late mother, Sandra Hill, who succumbed to breast cancer back in 2014, at the age of 53.

Since the NFL has denied him the option of wearing pink gear on the field, citing uniform violation, DeAngelo found another way to feel close to his mother while he plays, dying his hair to support the breast cancer research.

This year, as the one year anniversary of his mother’s passing approaches, DeAngelo decided to pay for 53 women’s mammograms in honor of Sandra’s life, partnering with hospitals in Pittsburgh, PA and Charlotte, NC.

That’s 53 lives that DeAngelo could potentially be saving by helping these women detect early.

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