NFL’s James Harrison Takes Measure to Ensure His Kids Know the Value of Hard Work

37 year old linebacker for the Pittsburgh Steelers, James Harrison, recently made the news for hisĀ unique style of parenting. Clearly no stranger to success, he took to Instagram to share a story of the many ways he attempts to instill in his children that anything they are given in life should be earned.

It seems as if Harrison came home to find that his six and eight year old sons had been given trophies for just participating in an athletics event. While trophies for just showing up are becoming a more and more common occurrence, Harrison was not having it and went old school, returningĀ his kids awards.

In his Instagram post, he explains,

“I came home to find out that my boys received two trophies for nothing, participation trophies! While I am very proud of my boys for everything they do and will encourage them til the day I die, these trophies will be given back until they EARN a real trophy.

I’m sorry I’m not sorry for believing that everything in life should be earned and I’m not about to raise two boys to be men by making them believe that they are entitled to something just because they tried their best…cause sometimes your best is not enough and that should drive you to want to do better…not cry and whine until somebody gives you something to shut u up and keep you happy.


I personally think this was a great parenting move, not only because I’m sure he went out of his way to explain his reasoning to his kids and to motivate them to want to earn their own actual awards. If more parents took an active role in their child’s life like this man, there would be that many more productive citizens of the world. Salute to those #harrisonfamilyvalues.

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