Now We Can All Be As Fabulous As Olivia Pope

I, like I’m sure 99% of the people reading this, have many a time over the past 2 years tuned into an episode of Scandal and wished:

  1. I could have her hairdresser (only from the second season)
  2. I could have her stylist/wardrobe
  3. I could have her appetite, because I’ve literally never seen her eat, unless wine is a food group

While us normal folks still can’t have any of these three, thanks to The Limited and Kerry Washington, we can get one step closer. A collaboration between the actress and the store brand had yielded The Scandal Collection, a line of clothing fit for the Pope herself. With pieces ranging from $49 to $238, women over the world can now have the elegant, refined and yet oh so powerful and fierce looks that we tune in to ogle every Thursday.

scandal collection 1

The collection hits stores this Tuesday, September 23rd. And let’s not get too crazy with the pieces and remember we’re not actually Olivia Pope or on TV, two things that can make certain clothing items instantaneously 1000x better. Happy shopping!

scandal collection 3