Obama Welcomes 500 of Tomorrow’s Leaders of Africa

One June 28th, President Barack Obama welcomed 500 of Africa’s rising stars to Washington, DC for a town hall at the Washington Fellowship for Young African Leaders. These 500 young individuals were hand selected from over 50,000 applicants from across Africa as part of his Young African Leaders Initiative (YALI), a signature program aimed at investing in the next generation of leaders from the continent.

The town hall connected these young future leaders with the necessary training opportunities at some of our country’s greatest collegiate institutions to expand their skills and knowledge. Participants have been busy learning how to build a grassroots organization, how to run a business and other integral skills to be great leaders.

Over 60% of Africa’s population is under 35, making this group of individuals integral to the future success of their countries. The program, now in its fourth year, also assists the US in tapping into the large and talented pool of creative young Africans, eager to leave their mark on their homeland and the world.