Once You Go Black…OITNB Writer Divorces Husband For Actress on Show

Lauren Morelli, writer of the critically acclaimed Netfilx mega-hit, Orange Is The New Black, has fallen prey to the old adage, “Once you go black, you never go back.”

TMZ is reporting that is divorcing her husband of two years because apparently, the lesbianism going around on her show is contagious in real life too.

The 31 year old claims that she came to the realization of her own sexuality while writing the story of the two main characters, Alex and Piper. She claims that through developing the show’s plot for the two frenemy lovers, she was able to voice her own desires and see what her future with a woman could possibly be like.

Morelli has fallen for Samira Wiley who portrays the lovable Poussey on the show.

Let’s see how this works out…