Oprah and More Star In New Selma Movie Trailer

The wait is finally over. The new Selma film,directed by the amazing Ava DuVernay and set to hit theatres on Christmas Day, has officially released it’s first trailer. This movie tells the story of the three month campaign led by the heroic Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. to secure equal voting rights during a time of severe oppression.

Blacks may have been freed, but there were so many ridiculous and blatant obstacles set in place to keep them as controlled and quiet as possible, that in theory, they were all still slaves; just now of a system, as opposed to being outright owned.

The legendary march from Selma to Montgomery, Alabama ultimately led to President Johnson signing the Voting Rights Act of 1965, a huge win for the Civil Rights Movement.

Want to know exactly how hard it was for blacks, just 50 years ago, to have their voices heard? Check out the below video of HARVARD students trying to take the required test for blacks to vote…not ONE person came even remotely close to passing. With questions like “Write the word VOTE upside down” and “Write the word BACKWARDS, FORWARD”, by the time many figured out what the hell the question was over, they were halfway done with their 10 minutes of allotted time to answer THIRTY questions…all of which had to be answered correctly to pass. Talk about demoralization.

Feel free to Google “Louisiana 1964 Voter Literacy Test” if you’d like to give it a shot.

Let’s remember what we had to go through to get some of the freedoms and rights we have today and let’s not take any of them for granted.