OVNIO TV Hopes To Revolutionize TV Watching

Software developer and technology connoisseur Jason A. Swanston has developed a new way to watch TV. His new creation, OVNIO (OpenVision Networks International Online) TV, aims to allow you to customize your viewing and TV on the go with your digital devices.

OVNIO TV is an interactive cable network online that allows users to socialize simultaneously while watching their preferred TV channels. OVNIO also allows users to purchase products from their watched content without leaving their open web window, a bonus over sites such as Youtube and HULU. This allows for a fully interactive, engaging and social experience for all subscribers.

OVNIO is funded by advertisements and leasing of time slots to channels and films. It’s easy to use interface allows customers to laptops, tablets, desktops and mobile devices to their televisions at home and to use this service as a replacement for their cable providers.