Philadelphia Students Act in Solidarity and Strike to Support Teachers

Say what you want about millennials, but when they find a cause they’re passionate about, they wholeheartedly act on.

Case and point, the 200 students at the Philadelphia High School for Creative & Performing Arts who protested via a “strike” this past Wednesday morning, in support of their teachers getting their labor union contracts renewed (they had been cancelled this past Monday and teachers are now being forced to contribute to their health care benefits as well).

The spirited students wore red, handed out flyers and stayed out there all day, as well as organizing demonstrations on Facebook.

The union’s full cancellation would be in effect beginning in December and would ultimately cost teachers an extra $55 to $150 a month, which we know can be a lot, especially on a teacher’s salary.

While the SRC (School Reform Commission) claims that this will help send $44 million back to the school system, which is much needed funding, the last place we should be looking for money by inconveniencing them further, is a teacher’s salary/contribution. They are educating our future and doing so without much recognition OR financial reward. And let’s be honest, your kids are BAD…so let’s start offering more congratulations and less punishments to these uncelebrated heroes.