Episode 5 – Making Power Moves in the Entertainment Industry with Ericka Pittman, VP at Combs Enterprises

Have a passion for the entertainment industry but finding it nearly impossible to break into this field, let alone rise through the ranks? For many, this competitive environment is too much for them and they opt out for less taxing and more stable careers.

Yet for the fiery Ericka Pittman, no challenge was too big or too small, an outlook, that when coupled with her work ethic and smarts, has helped land her at some of this industry’s biggest companies, including top Magazines and media outlets. Today she sits as the Vice President of the Chairman’s Office for the one and only Diddy at his Combs Enterprises, creating and orchestrating the strategy that keeps his empire running smoothly.

Listen in on how she got so far and is only getting started.

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See you next time!

Ericka’s website: http://www.lwace.com/

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