Episode 6 – From Media Industry Boss to Co-Founder of One of The Country’s Biggest Party Scenes with Erika Lewis

For many of us, working one full-time job in this current economy is more than enough. Gone are the 9-5 days, when you got into and left the office while there was still daylight. Instead, we now work 60+ hours a week and have to scramble to find time to just run errands, eat and enjoy life.

Erika Lewis, Senior Director at Scratch, a media company under the Viacom brand, has found a way to successfully manage not one, but 2 full-time endeavors and still find time for a good Sunday brunch. In addition to her role at Scratch, she is also 1/3 of the trio EZ MoBreezy, co-founder of the now nationally famous Grits N Biscuits and Saturday Morning Cartoons dance parties.

By day, you can catch Erika at her office, serving as a creative and strategic force behind some of the most compelling brand messages for the likes of Pepsi, Lady Gaga and The Malala Fund. By night, you’ll find her brainstorming with her business partners on how to take their already wildly famous and celebrity favorite party series to the next level – international.

Take a listen to our chat with Erika, one of the kindest and wisest people we have interviewed to date, and hear how she manages to do it all…and then some.

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See you next time!

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