Princeton Grad Creates Amazing App For High Schoolers

Trevor Wilkins, a 2013 graduate of Princeton University, has created Kudzoo, a new mobile app that is quickly inspiring students to study harder and actually want to get good grades.

So what does this app do?

It partners with local businesses to offer students who submit pictures of their report cards with As and Bs, strong attendance records or who correctly answer daily SAT trivia questions, deals and discounts as well as once in a lifetime opportunities, such as meeting their favorite athlete or spending the day at their favorite TV station with their favorite on air personality.

Wilkins credits his upbringing with his success in life, as his parents also provided him with incentives for good grades. As he got older, his desire to achieve became stronger, as he was so used to doing well that he now wanted to do it for himself.

Great idea to help motivate students and keep them interested in their school work and their futures. Keep up the good work Trevor!