Rapper Nas Never Graduated From the 8th Grade, But Is Poised to Soon Be A Billionaire!

Like a true Brooklyn & Queensbridge, NY native, rapper Nasir “Nas” bin Olu Dara Jones has proved that it’s not about the pedigree, but all about the hustle and heart. An 8th grade drop out, Nas familiarizedĀ himself on his African and black culture through books and experiences and followed his passion for music straight to the top as one of the arguably best artists of our time.

Yes that wasn’t enough for baby Olu Dara. Over the years, he has silently amassed a small fortune and is now setĀ to, over the next few years, become a BILLIONAIRE!

Just how did he do it?

He educated himself on one of the most lucrative and always growing industries around right now – technology and start ups. He flew under the radar, investing in budding companies such as ride-sharing Lyft, file-saving Dropbox and Tradesy. He started his own venture capital firm, QueensBridge Venture Partners, has invested in over 40 start up companies and invests in about 20 new ones every year.

When these new companies go public in the next few months and years, their stock prices will push Nas straight into billionaire territory. While you favorite rapper or athlete is claiming bankruptcy, Nas is living proof of building your wealth and being fiscally responsible, no matter what your background may be.

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