Rapper Nelly Has Been Quietly Sending Two Kids To College Every Year for the Past DECADE!

Although we live in an era where if something has not been publicly documented, be it through social media, news outlets or from just doing it in front of a large crowd of our peers and strangers alike, it never happened. From what we had for lunch  to our latest purchase to the birth of our first child, we have all become OVER-sharers, who have forgotten the sanctity of some good old-fashioned privacy.

St. Louis rapper Nelly, no stranger to the bright lights and fame, has not only managed to give back to the community in a very meaningful way, but has done so while keeping his charitable efforts under the radar, since to him, the action and impact are more important than the publicity.

In a recent interview with Hello BeautifulNelly speaks on his concerns with all the recent issues the black community has been dealing with, namely the violence from those who are meant to protect and serve us. He offers his solution, education for the youth and everyone else, as the remedy to many of our issues of poverty and lack of progression.

Nelly goes on to state that the only way for us to elevate ourselves is to educate the youth and send them off to college so that they can come back and to the same for their peers and our next generation of young people. He also announced the creation of a new scholarship, the Mike Brown Scholarship, for the children in the Ferguson area.

We need more public figures and “role models” just like this man, who are not only concerned with, but take concerted efforts to help pull our community up and out of the trenches.

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