Reclaiming Our Edges! Two Black Women Take On The Hair Industry

It’s really sad when you think about it. Since Madame CJ Walker stepped on the scene back in the 1800’s….yes the 1800’s, black women have continues to be top spenders in the beauty and hair care industries to the tune of hundreds of millions of dollars, yet have not made the move to dominate these same industries as retailers.

Predominantly ruled by Koreans, who serve as importers of the finest bundles across the land and demand top dollars for their products, which black women practically beg to pay for, the hair care and beauty industry is a multi-billion dollar beast.

Judian and Kadeian Brown, two sisters from Brooklyn, are looking to change that with their new beauty supply store, Black Girls Divine Beauty Supply and Salon. They are one of a few hundred black owners of the overĀ 10,000 similar establishments, a testament to how we, as black people, need to reclaim our wealth.

To all my fellow Brooklynites, make sure that the next time you are on the prowl for a relaxer, weave or last minute wig to slap on (or any other variety of hair products), you check their store out. It is located at 3904 Church Avenue.

The two sisters have expansion plans and are currently working on a website to make their products more accessible.


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