Regret That Text? FINALLY, There’s An App To Take It Back!

Ever get caught in your feelings and send a text you immediately regret? Whether it was one too many Drake songs or one too many shots of tequila, the result is always the same – shame AND embarrassment. Well instead of sitting there and debating breaking into the person’s home to delete their message from your phone, or changing your identity and moving to another country, there is now an app to help you not hate yourself for 10 seconds of poor judgement.

Ladies and gentlemen, I give you…On Second Thought. This app, created by Maci Peterson, was recently launched (December 23rd), but is sure to be a top download in the Apple Store (currently, it is only available in Google Play, with Apple IOS as its next goal). Simply download it and set it as your default texting program. When you slip up and send that life ending text, you just swipe left to recall it and edit it or swipe right to completely delete it.

The app is currently available here, with a trial free edition and a $9.99 yearly edition.

You’re welcome in advance.

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